Sunday, 6 October 2013

Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! by Panic At The Disco

Rated: Enjoy the Silence 

We know this band is in decline but this album is outrageous. They are trying to be so popular and cool to compite with Maroon 5or something, it sounds really annoying like The Wanted doing alternative music .Fortunately songs are very short and end before it turns duller because this album lacks of feeling and is another plastic over-produced pop record that we can hear anywhere .It is too repetitive and the absence of innovation is incredible, it is even worse than last album that was so forgettable.The album has a peculiar hidden vegas sound that is the last remaining thing of the band that was compared once with The Killers.

The album is full of synths and don't know if it is on purpose but it gives the idea that it is a failed attempt to be tacky 80's music. It is just really messy cos there's a bunch of ideas that are trendy nowadays but  poorly executed.It doesn't even work as satiric if that was the idea, Cobra Starship at least have made this catchy and have an idea of what they're doing but sadly Panic At The Disco remains try so hard and eventually buried they "career", not that it have been great but at least they had have some good songs.This record sounds like it was inspired by Bowling for Soup's 1985 which could have turned interesting but the desire to be fashionable kills everything. And if you liked the first album,unfortunately,the fake drama is back! and now mixed with more cheesiness.

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