Sunday, 20 October 2013

Moon Landing by James Blunt

Rated: A Kind of Magic

After his 'retirement' James Blunt is back with his fourth production which is, once again, an attempt to reconnect with that affliction that make him famous. Almost 10 years since we started hearing of him with his first ever single and now James is trying to bring those days back by recruiting one of the producers of his first album ,Tom Rothrock, but unfortunately this album is too lost in trying to be modern and to put something new/fashionable in the industry. It does have a vibe like first two albums which where different but something joins them, this could came in between them if it were not so confusing(messy). But not everything is wrong, the album even comes to be a nice fun, after all ,with a few surprises.

Music saves the record because although it keeps with the beachy-silly vibe of last album on this it gets right. There are many interesting and unexpected sounds that flow natural that may go unnoticed but it is what keeps this album being entertaining. At some point it does get really cheesy and girly but there's a bit of balance with more dramatic music almost like an low budget orchestral thing and James Blunt does that passive-aggressive voice he has already done in previous works ,so theres sort of a relief after many corny stuff .  The mayor problem is that it does sound forced to catch up with many sounds that are trendy this days that it gets weird, if the goal was to make it modern James Blunt should have gone for something more like Ellie Goulding and it would fit perfectly  because it has the base and the potential but just needs to spice up with more electronic music to go into this 'folktronica' synth-dream- pop thingy.

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