Sunday, 20 October 2013

Prism by Katy Perry

Rated: A Kind of Magic

Perhaps not her best but this is a one great pop album. Katy Perry has had something in every album  that make you say 'This song is going to be a hit single' but this new album lacks of it, which could be good, because every song, aside from 'Roar', sound like the non singles from her previous album so it somehow gives more variation and eclecticity to be range of a typical Katy album. Also there are some explorations to new sound, a bit hidden but there's a variety of sounds that are very interesting maybe not new but rather surprising.

This album keeps a bit the vibe of '...The Complete Confection' which was about healing but without being very dramatic. Katy Perry transmits her personal feelings by singing with party mood and sometimes silly songs, so is more cheerful than an Adele or something.The sound is a mix of what is trendy  in many genres , not just in pop so it adds a intriguing sound that is fashionable but is predominantly timeless. Katy gets rid a bit of the 80's influence and goes into this new trend to bring the 90's back, specially  in 'Walking On Air' in  which Katy did a nice work that is an amazing piece of 1990's eurodance revival.Even thought is like an healing album and has few powerful songs it goes more to the corny and romantic way that she found a new love and everything seems bright now etc. so is very cheesy and less fabulous than her previous works but at least it is entertaining and natural. Music helps very much to create this joy and to feel related to it, is more to carry on with old fans rather than make new ones.

Recommended: Roar,Legendary Lovers, Walking On Air,'This Is How We Do,This Moment

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