Sunday, 6 October 2013

Melophobia by Cage the Elephant

Rated:A Kind of Magic

Two years after the release of 'Thank You, Happy Birthday' the band is back with their third album that is slightly different from the "grunge revival" sound that we are used to. With first single 'Come A Little Closer', which is beautiful, it does seemed to be that the band would take a new direction but not this one. Although it is good the sound is not very defining it sounds like MGMT trying to do britpop in a OK GO way. There's nothing really new but at least they are doing a great job at what many bands do average these days. What happens is that the band essence is there but some elements that shaped it are not, so it is a bit disconcerting.The good thing is that they still sound like The Beatles in a super modern quirky rave form.

The album is enjoyable and has more crazy and 'party' songs than mellow cheesy ones, which is very CTE,  but it doesn't reach the looseness the first 2 albums had. It flows well and maybe is far too much worked for being a Cage The Elephant record and unlike the band past works it follows a trend so the music is somehow catchy and have sounds that we commonly hear these days. The punk is almost gone and the wildness attitude is a bit lost into many layers of pop.The album is exploring new sounds, which is brilliant, and sound more immature than previous ones which is kind of good that the band is not just doing the same over again so that makes the album good what bothers is maybe that we know it could have been better. Even though it is a bit hard to find it the band's style is there and the work and effort is nice, just I would like it to be more messy and less think but hopefully live it will be amazing and a new less posh album will come fast mixing the past with the new.


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