Sunday, 20 October 2013

Aftershock by Motörhead

Rated: Music is my Radar  

If getting electro-shocked was fun this is how it would sound. From the beginning to end this album is powerful and it transfer the good classic feeling of the genre. After many years this band is one of the few that still demonstrating that you can release several solid albums without changing drastically and just by upgrading. The album has all the elements of a band that is a milestone and creates classics and is mixed with little bits of modernity and a lot of rhythm so is very attractive for old and new fans. 'Aftershock' is probably one of the most friendly,not as heavy as it could have turned,  albums of the band that still got the essence of the band very marked. It sounds old but modern, experimental/amateur but wise... to be more simple it kick ass and can give a lesson to many dummy bands out there.

The record sounds LIKE being influenced by 90's and early 00's electronic music,more specifically Trance, which gives a very appealing sound/combination to the incredible display of guitars and percussion.The music is simply delightful, it apportions rock and roll and hard rock,once again, and bring an enjoyable heavy metal  .Not  everything is explosions sometimes it is softened with some blues like music that puts balance in between craziness.  A burst of energy to your ears.

Recommend: Keep Your Powder Dry, Dust and Glass, Death Machine, Lost Woman Blues, Coup de Grace

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