Saturday, 12 October 2013

Lightning Bolt by Pearl Jam

Rated:A Kind of Magic

This album might not be surprising but is as good as a Pearl Jam album can get these days. We have to face it, the band will never archive the relevance they got in the 90's but that doesn't mean that they can not do great albums after the breakthrough era.This new album has an old fashioned alternative rock style that is amazing and is a rediscover of many elements of the band ,in their early years, that have been missing in past albums. You can recall ,with many interesting and good beats, why this band was so important in music and why they still are an inspiration for many bands.Those classic 90's rock guitars make this album as good as listen a very thoughtful album from that decade and is not overwhelming or hard as it could turn is very friendly for a big range of listeners. The album doesn't feel forced, it is more natural than previous ones and there's a balance of soft songs and more crazy ones and gets closer to a more rock and roll style, which could be new for the band.                

Finally Pearl Jam putted rhythm to their music and make it sort of more dance-able, the songs are more catchy and there's more cheerfulness from the band which is always good,let's say is more pop but not cheesy.Unfortunately not everything is good there are bits where the bands attempt to be more modern and the sound is very similar to Maximo Park in their beginnings which is good but is not very Pearl Jam , also the music is perfect in every song, closest to 1990's, in so long, but voice and lyrics are on a different road and crash in moments which leads to a messy mix.Another weird thing is that is too 2000-2004 movie theme rock music and Nickelback comes to mind easily which is not very flattery.But with a little time the songs and the album start to get better and the songs with problems ,of wanting to be modern, are forgettable or rather say the songs that don't aim for too much are the ones that shape the album and revive those glorious days of the band.In general is good as is a way to reconnect with the band but is not something astonishing or to talk about it for long time.  

Recommended:  Future Days,Sleeping By Myself,Pendulum,Sirens, My Father’s Son

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