Sunday, 3 November 2013

Free Your Mind by Cut Copy

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction 

This album is too basic pop, could have been so much better, there's a perceptible fear to fail (again) that the band went for the safe road by trying to repeat 'In Ghost Colours' which is fine but it lacks in surprises and wildness and has far too much of trendy music that is very confusing . There are plenty of pop sounds that you can hear in the charts nowadays ,which isn't very from the band to take fashionable sounds and then mixed with their style, so you can feel something is wrong. If you dig a little and separate some pop beats you can find some delightful music, thankfully, and know what this band is about,is just that there are several layers of abstract late 80's-early 90's pop revival , and is hard to identify the band because many people is doing the same these days and this album doesn't stands out.  

The album is more friendly and pop than the last one and the essence of the band is a bit lost but when is shows ups is kind of good because, very similar to the DJ style of the first album and with the dynamic of the second one so is really good but sadly not good enough or with the same impact. This album is pretty much an attempt to repeat, so it lacks of new music and/or surprises, that previous three works had, so is pretty annoying because the band have everything to stand out from the bunch. The record sounds like a boring reprise of the bands more successful single to date 'Lights And Music' but remixed by a beach-y David Guetta in a house style.At the end the album at least is entertaining and spice up a little from previous album but that there are not wild or attractive moves, neither catchy sounds (and is what tries to do), and that is hard to distinguish the band from similar artist is what makes this record plain (dull). Nice but could have been so much better and intriguing.

Recommended: We Are Explorers,Let Me Show You Love,Footsteps

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