Sunday, 3 November 2013

Matangi by M.I.A.

Rated: A Kind of Magic 

Finally after almost two years of the release of the first single, 'Bad Girls', M.I.A is back with this album which is her fourth and her first in three years, and last one was so forgettable, that this is almost the first good thing we hear from her in ages. Her more coherent album to date have many intriguing sounds and is entertaining, full of catchy memorable sounds this "comeback" is strong and will refresh a bit the pop industry,and maybe give a lesson. Includes duets with The Weeknd and kind of sampling Blur's Charmless Man. Probably is too long because you can perceive some songs that are not as creative as others and also fails to be as chart pop as some songs aspire to be. There are elements of nowadays music but probably not so good executed. In every Song there's a twist that makes it interesting.

The music of the album is incredible and keeps you awake because is so energetic, although is nothing new and not very modern it has a Gorillaz style so is kind of eclectic , and with some 'folkloric' / 'ethnic' sounds mixed with electronic sounds so thats what brings the sound up to date also it sometimes resembles a not so bubblegum pop Katy Perry,some bit of Mad Pop-Hip-Hop . Everything works fine and harmonic, keeps up with previous M.I.A albums but this aims more to be fashionable, or to follow a trend but in her own style not just to impact but to trace and spice up her career and be on the spotlight. There are beats of reggae, hip-hop, plenty of pop, electronic, dance, r&b all mixed together with this thing apparently called 'worldmusic', so is very what we are used from M.I.A but pumped up. The fun this album have overcast the dullness it has for tracks that sound like a repetition of previous works.

Recommended: Sexodus, Bring The Noize, Come Walk With Me, Bad Girls,Matangi

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