Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fellow Travelers by Shearwater

Rated:Lucy in the Sky 

The band are giving a new life to this compilation of covers,from bands they had tour with, by adding some magic to them to turn into something more charming and relaxing.This album has a lot of the band's style and the songs are fit for them so well that you the only thing that reminds you that is a cover is the lyrics that you have heard before but with in a different composition. The music is fantastic and how instruments blend together is magnificent and almost mesmerizing. All songs are in the same range but doesn't mean that is boring or plain there are many powerful and animated moments as tranquil ones so there's a nice balance. There is variety in music but all on the same line and is not anything new but very well done compositions and twists.

The band stay true to their style in every song. Although most of the tracks are not originally their property they own it by reinterpreting them.The original songs could be eclectic and hard to integrate on the album -maybe- but Shearwater manage to join them with their soft old fashioned rock style ,that has been around over 10 years, and their ability to mix a repertoire of instruments that add an epic ('theatrical') fact but without being over-dramatic or to seek for attention. Is not an album that will change their history or music history but is a great material to enjoy from start to end.

Recommended: I Luv the Valley Oh!!,Hurts Like Heaven, Natural One, Ambiguity, Mary Is Mary

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