Sunday, 10 November 2013

Artpop by Lady Gaga

Rated:Charming Music

One of the most awaited (by many people) albums of the year is finally released and comes with two sides: the boring one and the fun one in which you can find songs that are closest to what 'The Fame' was so there are dance-y and catchy joy-pop tunes, on the other side are the theatrical overworked songs and that at this point are boring and too fabricated. The album is 50/50 about natural and 'faked' songs, when is natural the songs are glorious and bring back memories of why we all talked and followed her, but some songs crossed the line and are far too much Lady Gaga cliché and sound like and amateur pop star that want to be her,that where many in 2011-12.The music is nice, sometimes powerful, but needed to step it up so as for the lyrics that are not very encouraging as they were in 'Born This Way album', in some way this is more a 'selfish' album like it was the first but not as good. But with all the media and the behaviour and BTW  the expectations have been quite low, so this is kind of a victory.

The sound of the album is not really modern, although at some point it does has some elements of modern music,it is mostly inspired by 80's music, once again for Gaga, and lacks of something that get it out from 2008-2011 era. Most of the music nowadays are following the trend that is trying to bring the 1990's but Lady Gaga didn't follow it, and stayed with her sound and the 1980's influence is all over so it does sound a bit dated ,not what you can call POP music. Unfortunately when it tries to sound modern it gets weird with too much drama layers and there is too much happening in a single song, which is also too long. The album needed so much more  edition , 15 songs are so much, some sound like are there just to fill, the drama needs to chill down (like some songs that have it that is in the right amount so the song is entertaining and not shocking-in a bad way-) and the record needs something that is really appealing and that make it wanna listen for it own merits,not just for the media attention it has. Conclusion: The album is fine and give a slightly different idea of what pop is nowadays(Refreshing?), it will entertain you but  is not her best and not the best pop album in this year, neither the best pop in the past three months so is not very exiting, the pop is once again in the hands of what surprises us and this is not astounding .

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