Sunday, 3 November 2013

Avril Lavigne by Avril Lavigne

Rated:Mr. Personality

Avril Lavigne is back to her old tricks and it seems that they are not working this time. This self-titled album is a step back to what Avril was trying to left behind by being more mature and personal in last album  ('Goodbye Lullaby') . Silliness and immaturity are back teamed up with pop to create songs that we have previously heard in a so much fun  version. The album sounds a lot like 'The Best Damn Thing ' (2007) days mixed with modern pop tunes and tries so hard to be catchy,it's just messy. Many ideas on and trying to revive something that is so burned now and old .

The good thing is that there's a little exploration to new sounds , at least from her style, but unfortunately it mostly goes wrong and weird in a bad way.The album jumps in a song, from a cheessy  female version of stagnant in 2003 Nickelback, which is obviously a duet with her partner and lead singer of that band ,Chad Kroeger, to a ruined by Avril, forced to be rebel song with Marilyn Manson, everything connected by an post-grunge mixed with bad pop aura. Mostly the rest of the songs are what wouldn't even work to fill a pretentious pseudo princess of pop album, it includes songs inspired by K-pop and what Britney Spears last album would have been if it were produced by Nicki Minaj  and without the edition arrangements. Definitely Avril's most  cringeworthy to date, it has no a proper direction and sounds dumb with no connection to her public.

Recommended: Sippin’ On Sunshine,Here’s To Never Growing Up

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