Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hold Fast by The Crookes

Rated: A Kind of Magic 

The 2nd album from a band that means fun and pop, and does incredible. The joy fact is all over the album from an amazing electric introducing song of the album 'Afterglow' to the very last song. All songs are playing in such a good harmony which is a bit hard to find nowadays. 

The style of the album is unique,sounds like a good mix of Maximo Park, a poppy version of Babyshambles and shreds of The Smiths. The sound is varied but always on same string  so don't really goes bonkers.A bit of early days of rock and roll is in songs like 'American Girls' which sounds so American golden age of rock and roll and fantastically this leads to 'The Cooler King' that has more a 1960's style and have the amusement fact more exposed. Another song that have a good 60's vibe is 'Sofie' but the sound is brought to modern days properly not destroying a genre. More modern and party songs includes 'Holds Fast' which is so enjoyable and rocky and defines the concept of the band and album 4 minutes. 'Maybe in the Dark' is the more dancy tune or jumpy very up-beating and edifying with energetic guitars and lovely percussion. The Party goes on with a more beat-to-follow song 'Stars' the voice is somehow melancholic, well not entirely, but gives a magnificent feel that catch you easily, and made you rejoice thoroughly. 

The slowdowns are more like chill-downs songs, the joy stills there eventhough are not party songs are twisted to be entertaining. 'Sal Paradise' contents beats of 1980s alternative rock but bring it to this age in a very personal The Crookes style. Another song that is made to delight is  'The I Love You Bridge' which is a brilliant close, rawness played by instruments and a powerful voice, sort of a "post britpop" track that turns all the energy of the whole album into a alleviation feeling that explodes superbly to a great finale.

Probably not the best album of the year but worth more than just one listen, is so enjoyable and has no lows just 1 forgettable song , 'Where Did Our Love Go', which is relaxing but average.The album is a refreshing concept and gladly the band are trying to push Pop music further from commercial electronic-dubstep dive pop is living. 

Recommended: Maybe in the Dark,American Girls,The Cooler King,Hold Fast,The I Love You Bridge

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