Monday, 2 July 2012

'Under The Westway' And 'The Puritan' - Blur

Rated: Like A Virgin 

Double of joy.The Band have two new massive tracks todelight  their fans and not fans.Both songs are incredible and stay true to bands style, nothing has change and they just improved to give the best. Both songs premier online on a live broadcast "via twitter" live streaming on band's official website.

'Under The Westway' is a melancholic tune, much in Damon Albarn style.A beautiful song that has a "lyrical link" with band's second album song 'For Tomorrow".The Epic music in the song is like a marching band with bells introducing it that easy hook up and has the same enormous potential as 'The Universal' & 'Tender'.An incredible comeback song for fans and a demonstration of quality for new ones and people who doesn't believe that there's no new good  music.

The second song the band introduced is 'The Puritan' which is more uplifting track with electronic beats. The song sounds like a proper Blur's b-side and quickly takes you back to the 1990's but more in the Pulp style. At first the song could not perceive as a amazing song but after a second listen it grows on you. A sing-along sort of anthem with crazy catchy synths but not cheesy and even it feels 'old' is very modern and poppy. Perhaps not their best but still incredible compared to charts music and is on the same electric genre.This song is more in Graham Coxon style and is fun and so entertaining.A great song to sing it live.

This pair of  songs is THE must have of the year (so far). A classic tune accompanied with a rejoice-able track both showing the versatility of the band and their very own signature. Songs gives a fresh air to the ears is like hearing something very familiar with beautiful memories but at the same time is very shiny and new. Simply a puff of great well done work and harmony created from a band that haven't lost their aim. 

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