Sunday, 24 June 2012

Overexposed - Maroon 5

Rated:Enjoy the Silence

When a band can't get over a massive hit and get stuck in trying to do it again this album is what happens. "the most ecletic and poppy album yet" says the singer Adam Levine, and definetly it is,a mess, but at least has direction.

The band seems to try to the repeat the success of 'Moves Like Jagger', so they trying to make a hip album and lost the last tiny bit if rock they used to have now they opted to follow the trend and some songs sounds like electronic in its worst like 'Ladykiller' which is the worst attempt of mixing Foster The People, Cut Copy and Calvin Harris but nothing good came out and is so fake. And more of bad copy of Calvin Harris alike sound goes in ' Fortune Teller' that is a bubblegum pop song could be a Britney Spears song if she wanted to do crap music but at least is one of the few songs where Adam annoying voice is off.

Loads of songs are pushing just Adam's voice and sound awful like the boring 'Daylight' or the nothing new and just repetitive 'The Man Who Never Lied'. But where the band touch ground is in 'Sad' which is a very bad version of Adele and Lana Del Rey dull-ness and the wailing is more than disgusting and pretentious.If album was not focus in expose just one of the band members it would be a lot way better.

Music is not that bad in some (few) songs.The album starts good with 'One More Night' is almost like a mix of reggae with rock, early 1980's, and sounds well but repetitive although enjoyable.And the last song 'Beautiful Goodbye' is fine as well, more chilling,a relaxing end. What is in the middle of these both songs is what ruins the record with songs like the longest hideous Guetta intro wich never seems to start a song,'Love Somebody' (more bad voice issues). There's also 'Tickets' that is a failed effort to make it catchy and is almost like sampling 'Moves Like Jagger' yet again and this song lead to another 1970's dance style song 'Doin' Dirt' which is a bit better but too repeats a lot.The rock-y element is well missed in the record but they loose it since the duet they did with Rihanna eventhough they were still fine there.

Adam voice is so unique and band seems fine they could be/did it better and they could probably be as good as Queen or something but they're stuck in creating crap and have lost track just to be hip. Cockiness won't save this album which probably will sell millions due to a massive fandom but definetly not a classic and definitely Maroon 5 's worst work.

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