Friday, 1 June 2012

Lex Hives - The Hives

Rated:Music (Rock'n'Roll) is my Radar

Always something new but always the same. This band gladly haven't change, just once again upgraded.'Go Right Ahead', lead single, reveled this new album very well, is all what this record is about, in a fast superb song.

The Hives are bringing back the proper rock and roll.Once I heard a crocodile talking to a pulp on Disney Channel explaining that Rock and Roll is THE MUSIC, that make you dance and shake everything away, and this album has all this. A 'silly' short song, 'Come On!' opens, brilliantly, this incredible rock music spectacle and for thereafter the record only get better.All 12 tracks don't lack nothing and have everything in proportion from instruments to lyrics everything is just perfect.

A powerful and electrifying sound goes along with every song in the album. 'I Want More' is so old-school and astounding, jangle all the way with all instruments and voice in perfect harmony, a kick-ass song. The music is sort a collection of classic fun rock bands like The Who or even The Beatles with the classic Hives very own style.The track 'Patrolling Days' brings memories of the 1950 and 60's rock and roll jams and the astonishing instruments madness closing song ,'Midnight Shifter', do it as-well both extraordinary tunes.The vigor of the album doesn't fade in the more slow down songs, 'Without the Money' is lovely and in my opinion too short for how good it is. A bit of nostalgia or hankering invades 'My Time is Coming' and a post punk in 80's vibe too and also keeps the fast mighty halo of the album

Stylized like a vintage album, The Hives do a retrospective/introspective to what made the band so fabulous. The roots of The Hives are in songs like '1000 Answers' and 'Take Back The Toys' in which the "garage" sound of characteristic of the band explodes magnificent. But the band is not stuck in sounding old, 'Wait A Minute' does have the antique soul but modernized and more popular, probably the forgettable song of the album but has its charm. 'These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgics' and 'If I Had A Cent' are far too much enjoyable and make you feel like a teenager in its best.

A true bomb shell of rock and roll and what The Hives have accustomed us.The band didn't disappoint and alwayspreserve their style and They also mind how to shock and make noise.One of the best albums so far,in the year. Nothing really to complain about this is so unique and timeless and probably one of their best albums o just THE BEST.

Recommended :I Want More, Patrolling Days, Take Back The Toys,Midnight Shifter.( + all the entire album)

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