Sunday, 3 June 2012

This is PiL- Public Image Ltd (PiL)

Rated: A Kind Of Magic

The first studio album in 20 years, and is agreeable. Nothing memorable to be honest but for the music is good, lyrics are a bit weak, that's well resumed in the opening track 'This is PiL'. The work could been better with just a little more effort. The need of be shorter is pretty obvious in some songs because are strong but don't go any further, like a drizzle you get use to it but need some thunder to be amused.

The album has a 1980's "post punk" (punk) but at the same time sounds very noughties. "Terra Gate" and the enjoyable song and first single 'One Drop' shows the band a little bit more updated and "commercial" .The song 'I Must be Dreaming' has that 80's and eager vibe mixed with something new and it is more like Depeche Mode. That mixture is in all the album, a bit of old stuff bring it to modern days and a sensation of timeless , it is actually very good blend and with a "poetic" fact in 'The Room I Am in' sounds exquisite.The most modern is 'Deeper Water' which also have a old-school element where seems like is where others bands have inspired (obviously not) and have a bit of 80's -90's Spanish rock like Heroes Del Silencio (youtube it) and this sound appears snatchy in all the album too.

The mash up of instruments sounds good, the voice is fine as well, but lyrics are not really a bomb.Probably the lyrics are over-thought or sometimes too safe like in 'Fool' which also sounds like the soundtrack of a California teenage drama with a 'post grunge American scene' (Rooney) twist. This album actually never properly explodes has moments when it should but never culminate for example 'It Said That' is like a stampede but stays like that not have a great wild moment.

The songs are too long and that's what makes this album slightly boring. 'Human' is a fantastic song, has a great beat to follow but with a little less minutes would be amazing and 'Lollipop Opera' is the funniest, lovable and greatest track in the album but 6:54 minutes is far too much for all that joy. The only longer song that feel fast ,because is really enjoyable is 'Reggie Song' that is very rock and golden something like Queen or a hit tune from the late 70's or 80's. The album ends with a song that sound like Blur's 'Me, White Noise' mixed with Madonna's songs live, specially when she grabs a guitar, but yet again 'Out of the Woods' is too long but for the last track it kind of works well and is a really good end.

The album has its charm and with more edition and less production it would been so good.

Recommend: One Drop,Deeper Water,Human,I Must be Dreaming,
Lollipop Opera,Reggie Song

Avoid: It Said That

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