Sunday, 24 June 2012

Living Things-Linkin Park

Rated: A Kind of Magic

The fifth studio album from the band  sounds amazing. More than 10 years since the release of their first album and Linking Park still causing chills. At first I thought that this record was going to be a bad one because the first single 'Burn it Down' is a bit weak and the last album was not so astounding but from the beginning of 'Living Things'  to the end the album sounds good and classic Linking Park.

The Album starts with  'Lost In The Echo' which is a great intro and kind of a preview of what to expect, is modern, level rises gradually, and very fresh. The record  has plenty of modern and Pop songs with a very band's unique twist like 'Lies Greed Misery' which sounds a bit like Hadouken!  but more poppy and easy to ears. 'Skin To Bone' sounds almost like Backstreet Boys latest albums or like a song from a boy band but strong, powerful,full of feeling. That's what this album is about, force and massive songs.

The sound of the album is compound by a beat that sounds like marching drums,that's the thing that mostly interlock the album, so the songs are more like anthems it's more exposed in 'Until It Breaks' even in a slow down song like 'Roads Untraveled' that could be a theme for a dark parade because is over bittersweet and overwhelming.The drummy  beat leads to another sound that link songs wich is rock and roll modernized and mixed with nu-metal and all genres Linking Park know well, 'Castle Of Glass' is one of those rocky songs and is mixed incredible. 'Victimized' also show off the quality of mixing of the band and how to blend a lot without being a mess.

The whole album is like a journey in Linkin Park history there are songs that sound like their firsts works and songs that sound like their last works but both much better like 'I'll Be Gone' which is slow and a sweet ride back to where they left last time. 'Powerless', is the best end the band could give to the album is slow and brilliant with band's signature all over. So this journey is eclectic and enjoyable and doesn't get to far from what we are used to from the band. One of Linking Park's finest works and their modernized themselves and sound but doesn't lose track and the only thing missing is more rap but not a complain probably was very well edited.

Recommend: In My Remains, I'll Be Gone, Castle Of Glass, Powerless 
Avoid: Lies Greed Misery

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