Sunday, 10 June 2012

In Our Heads - Hot Chip

Rated:We're Not Gonna Take it.

Media seems to like it but I didn't , but I do enjoy it. The fifth Hot Chip studio album is called 'In Our Heads' and fortunately it doesn't get stuck in your head. The band doesn't have nothing new to offer but at least they gave the best they have and created a great album. When the first official single from the album 'Night and Day' I thought it was going to be hideous with all those sort of "samples" from Billy Joel's In the Middle of the Night mixed with Madness' Our house, but the album got a slightly different direction.

The feeling of the album is like you are listening to something familiar because the band went into a recycling session or something, like in the funny 'How Do You Do' which have very obvious music references to the remix the band did to Gorillaz's Kids With Guns. Another examples of re-use of music is 'Night and Day' and 'Let Me Be Him' both sound like a sequel of the band's 'One Life Stand' .Then Hot Chip goes Nsync and kind of modernize their 'Gone' song in 'Look At Where We Are' but the track sound incredible good and is a little break to the dance music.

Hot-Chip-In-Our-HeadsThe most lovable thing of the album is when it revives the 80's in a kind of high definition style, 'Now There Is Nothing' which has very good instruments playing. There's also 'Don't Deny Your Heart' that sounds like Cut Copy but 80's strength doesn't seem to stay along the song so it is a bit weak. The last song 'Always Been Your Love' is on the same decade vibe but more enjoyable and relaxing.

The music that is created with a lot of instruments plays a big part of the album and save it from being a mess because one song leads to another, except for the pretentious-the-futureheads-rip-off 'These Chains' that leads more to the amazing, track of the album 'Flutes' (which was the first song we could enjoy from the album). The first song, 'Motion Sickness', is good and is also saved by instruments.

The album is fine, could have less tracks like the 70's-in-deep-crap song 'Ends of the Earth' which seems it was put just to fill the album.But in general the dance 80's vibe makes a good record full of joy and conserves the bands style which is good.

Recommend: Don't Deny Your Heart, Look At Where We Are,Flutes
Avoid:Ends of the Earth, Night & Day

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