Sunday, 10 June 2012

The National Health- Maximo Park

RATED :A Kind of Magic

After 3 years Maximo Park are finally releasing another album. Their forth studio album comes with nothing new but as good refreshing as their first one or any other.

This new album has the energy and the unique sound that only Maximo Park have. Fortunately, to a change from what other bands are doing, the album has a soft intro 'When I Was Wild' and present the album well, emphasizing that the band haven't changed.Then comes a bomb called 'The National Health' reminding us why we fall in love with the band, is fast and enjoyable. 'Hips and Lips' is next bringing more great music and a bit more dim but with a sort of "erotic" voice, the song is is provocative and very enjoyable the reason why is a single maybe.

As the album advances you can hear the classic Maximo Park style blossoming like in the soft but full of energy 'The Undercurrents' or the traditional video games tunes alike sound they do in 'Write This Down' this sound have a twist in the magnificent 'Until The Earth Would Open' that is so enjoyable and fun.'Wolf Among Men' also have the classic band elements, all instruments playing in harmony along with the voice. And also another song that keeps they unique amazing blend is 'Take Me Home' instruments come to gleam a bit more but made it perfect.

But the band have a few slightly different songs from what we are used from them like the bit more Pop 'Reluctant Love' or the more mild garage rock 'Banlieu' ,both are great and refreshing and so in the tune of Maximo Park. 'This Is What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted' has a more commercial taste almost like Nickelback but improved and British, the piano and instruments save it and but the song is not remarkable. The last song 'Waves Of Fear' might be the most different track but have the band's signature all over and take them to a new direction that could be a great introduction to next album and a new era, or lead to new solo projects.

Although as a whole the songs don't have something really new, the versatility of in the album make it so wonderful and thrilling even the slowest song, 'Unfamiliar Places', the vibe and energy is absolutely astonishing. This record brings memories from the noughties indie rock bands in their best and with all the charm and the essense of rock and roll.

Recommend: The National Health,Hips and Lips,Until The Earth Would Open,Take Me Home.
Avoid: This Is What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted

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