Friday, 8 June 2012

Endless Flowers - Crocodiles

Rated: (? i have no idea where to put this)

The Crocodiles delivered another great album and probably their best so far.The Album explores,flippantly, new 'genres' but in their very own style. A lot of energy in the songs could be great but too much can be a bit boring because you get use to so the blasting moments could slip past.

The amount of fun in this album is great, 'Endless Flowers ' opens amazingly the album with a very rock beat then comes 'Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)' which is even more explosive and gives more an idea of what's coming in the album. There's all sorts of joy in the album it even has that USA-Mexico frontier inspired music vibe, 'No Black Clouds for Dee Dee' slows down but still entertaining with cool drums playing alongside with that unique mix Americans bands,specially Californians, do. The cheerfulnesscontinues in the album and the Americanism too, in a very good way like in 'Hung Up On a Flower' that is brilliant, my only complain is the hideous "evil voice" weird twist in the end which is actually a good intro to next modern-rockabilly song 'My Surfing Lucifer'.

Due to this is a sequenced album all songs all songs are playing continuously without gaps so all the songs go the same way but in different levels that goes from classic American Pop-post-punk-ock to some brit-pop-ish style, like the so joyful 'Bubblegum Trash' to something more like 90's psychedelia, which is so lovable in 'Welcome Trouble'. The very last song sound like Oasis but more dramatic, 'You Are Forgiven', is a great finale but a bit boring.

'Dark Alleys' has a good sound, all instruments blended together in a more american-garage tune which is how the album feels like and make it so good,the sense of a 'live' experience. And as for 'Electric Death Song' the music is also sweet and fun with a charming beat in the same line as all the songs in the album.

The whole album is a Psycho-Garage party, very delightful, what you expect from Crocodiles.They really didn't took much risks and the sound doesn't go faraway from previous works so is fulfilling, but this could be boring at some point because is strong, yeah, but has too much about the same probably not to play back to back neither with the 2 preceding records.

Recommended:Endless Flowers,Hung Up On a Flower,Dark Alleys,Bubblegum Trash
Avoid: [there's no song that's really bad]

Listen Here: RollingStone

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