Sunday, 12 May 2013

Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend

Rated:Music is my Radar

Mature enough to make it more serious than previous albums, young enough to have fun and experiment new sounds. Modern Vampires of the City is a great step for the band and a great relief for overworked music that tends to bore and that, in these days,there's plenty .

The third album of Vampire Weekend is more than expected, has all the joy of previous albums but with more elaborated sounds that still sounding effortless and in their very own style. The result is a blend of , believe it or not, swing, jazz, rhythm and blues, gospel, folk,and all things that ended up doing rock and roll but in not an obvious way but digging you will listen to that vintage touch it has ( Unbelievers,Everlasting Arms,Young Lion). And this pass through many stages that take punk directions (Diane Young) or more beach-y ( Step) and to all those lovely sounds have been touched up slightly with 1980's synth-pop.This mix is what makes the album so interesting and delightful.    

The album may contain many new vibes that are not usually from the band but every song maintain that thing that make Vampire Weekend  so unique and entertaining. The 'Baroque' Pop and Alternative Rock are there and strengthened (Hudson,Don’t Lie) and that reminiscent the 1990's lovely rock/pop scene.The Mexican Frontier influence is also there (Ya Hey) but fewer than in past records. What is lacking on the album is a bit of more looseness,there's some craziness (Finger Back) but everything is so demure and there's almost a shy feeling with having all so neat and polished but that probably gives a certain like for it. Where the  band failed is in the bits where it resembles too much the first album combined with a country dance thing  (Worship You) but once again it is an interesting sound and concept, it is what album is about: experimentation.

This album is almost perfect,it is so worked that sound like it was given spontaneously. Despite all the vintage feeling and sound it manages to have trendy tracks (Hannah Hunt) and the mix of every song is sort of new so it gives modernity. The simplicity given is something cool as well because everything flows and it is not trying to highlight something in particular so instruments and voice make good harmony creating sweet music and not showing off or being enthusiastic about it. The album is not a repetition but also is not far from previous albums, and is so entertaining for being so eclectic and for how great it is blended.

Recommended:  Obvious Bicycle,Diane Young, Hannah Hunt, Everlasting Arms,Hudson,Young Lion
Not:Worship You

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