Sunday, 12 May 2013

More Light by Primal Scream

Rated: A Kind of Magic

The 10th album of the band still keeping all the charm of Primal Scream, now mixed with few new things, but does not have a wild card or something that will make this album stand out in the future.It is a nice follow up to last two albums but for their career it could be a bit better.

More Light is an almost complete/perfect album, it has a bit of everything, all sound at the right  time, the way it flows is beautiful, there's that intriguing touch  and it is very entertaining but theres a lack of that edgy fact that makes you completely  fall in love of  the album or hate it. Surprising things finally happen,unfortunately, at the end of the album and in the shorter songs. 'Relativity' ,'Walking with the Beast', and 'It's Alright, It's OK' are the three last songs and really beautiful and sort of the relaxed ones and powerful,those that most resemble 'Screamadelica' in a modern way. The length of the songs is a bit of a problem as well, because songs tend to be repetitive and the point of "why is so long" is lost, and in the shorter ones happen to be the opposite,could been better because they are progressive and would be nice to listen what else the song could have offered.

The sound of the album is great a combination of all what the band have done with a refreshing but not so modern twist that brings the style of the band to date. From the start of the album (2013) you can hear a different sound that is not massive but is transitory. Instruments play sweet music that not always are in good harmony with the voice but still being a good composition because they don't crash and is very gentle to the ear. Many genres and sounds make a magnificent album that ,from my point of view, have been very influenced by the 90's and not just from britpop but from a scene that was more late 1990's and early 00's[maybe] that used to mix rock-pop with latin music 'Goodbye Johnny' and 'Invisible City' highlight this very well. There's too much good music on this album and load of joy but you get used to it fast and that's the curse of it that could be a certain monotony that doesn't have something to put on the spotlight.

It is admirable that after more than 25 years the band still sounding fresh and hip without falling into the consumerists clinches or doing collaborations with younger musicians to try to resurrect them. Primal Scream sounds a lot better than many new bands and as good as any great young band and is probably because they still experimenting and looking for new sounds.The album is not an attempt to recreate a hit so that's a good thing and is really good but with something that were really astonishing the album would get a lot better.

Recommend:2013,Culturecide,Hit Void, Invisible City,Sideman,Walking with the Beast,It's Alright

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