Sunday, 2 December 2012

Warrior by Ke$ha

Rated:A Kind of Magic

Ke$ha is back with what it sounds like a sequel of her first ep album (Cannibal)  , more electro-pop and more produced to be fun. Kesha said the album is inspired by the 1970's  and indeed it has a vintage vibe but maybe not in the direction she wanted.

First single, 'Die Young',  is an example of what the album is too much electronic, a bit of mess but with at least with direction, fun and very Kesha. Although the record is produced to sound very hip and has far too much electrononic music, Kesha's style is not lost and she shows some versatility putting  more "soft" songs that sound are like more personal an a bit Britney-ish.  Also this album has more songs that have influences from bands and artists she had worked with.Sometimes Kesha feels lost but yet her style is not, so the sound gets a bit stereotypical punky girl like Avril Lavigne and very modern like Rihanna so is like they meet Kesha and somehow is charming mix, not really good but fine.

The music in the record is very repetitive and nothing you wouldn't find in any other top 40 pop album nowadays and is a bit dull but digging meticulously there are very interesting sounds that probably are what make the album not so boring. Feels like the production wanted to imitate Calvin Harris because has those lows and explosions with intervals of voice very characteristic from him, maybe because they're a couple or something (?). Album also reminds of Kaskada but a bit edgy and with tiny bits of psychedelia .

Best bits of the album are when it sounds less electronic and more rock.Despite everything Kesha is one of the pop singers that have an "defiant" attitude like Madonna or Cyndi Lauper in the 80's and she know how to use it well so in this is the thing that saves it, the song with Iggy Pop has a lot of him but her style is not lost, is a great combination. The guitars, electronic or acoustic like in Past Lives, also saved  the record. It is not better than her first album and don't have massive hits but is what it is.

To listen:Crazy Kids,Dirty Love,Wonderland,Past Lives
Avoid:Supernatural,Die Young

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