Sunday, 25 November 2012

Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys

Rated: A Kind of Magic

Alcia Keys is back with a slightly but flawless modern style, refreshing commercial music with the perfect balance of new beats and her very own classic way to make music. Maybe co-writers and producers influences are very there but Alicia's style overshadows that. 

This new album has everything to sound hip, even has Nicky Minaj, but the interesting thing is how it is manage to still being very Alicia Keys. The album is update but without nowadays cliches because is pure R&B with just tiny bits of electronic pop and even rock guitars and a tiny beat of dubstep. The record is so powerful from lyrics to sound, especially from 'Fire We Make' to the very end where she gets more intimated. 
What connects every song in the album is the fantastic percussion, sometimes are marching drums sometimes African sounds or just a classic kit playing jazz or rock .The record is not boring at all music is entertaining it passes through very chilling beats to more dramatic sounds, has moments of dance, fun, neo-soul and ballads, very complete. Perhaps at some points the music is not up to Alicia's voice and is a bit dull and plain but when both merge the result is brilliant.

Although Alicia has a great amazing voice what makes her records very good is that she doesn't like to show off and this album is that, perfect voice accompanied by good beats,though in some points gets very Christina Aguilera ,or any other girl who likes to vocalize very much, and seems like losing her essence but then she gets back and these floppy moments are forgettable.A really charming album, beautiful done that sounds up to date with out falling in the 'consumerism, lack of ideas'. 

Highlights:. Brand New Me,Listen To Your Heart,Fire We Make,101

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