Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Connection by Papa Roach

Rated:Music is my Radar 

First studio album since 2009 and probably most surprising and slightly different but familiar at the same time since their second album 'Infest'. From a great start the album just gets better and better.
The band still (or now,again) sounding fresh and without loosing their style they're are mixing with more electronic and synths. What makes a perfect mix is that has a bit more guitars and drums over synthesizers or any other electronic sound. The album also has some great hip-hop vibes and very well done creating even more interesting compositions. In some parts could be very teenage rock and mellow but the good vibes are overcasting this tiny beats.

At some points the tracks could sound like cliché but the way the band manage the get rid of it fast is impressive. The obvious rock paradigms with screams and everything are heavenly blended with rock'n'roll making almost dance-y songs, beats are easy to follow and sometimes gets more pop-rock which is so acceptable because sounds good. All the sounds sound like old stuff but modernized and up to date and flows nicely.  

The perfect amount of everything they wanted created a very elaborated work which entertaining and very in Papa Roach style. If there's an album to recommend to someone who's in a transition to commercial pop and wants new rocky adventures this is it. The album is fast, not forced, very gentle and catchy, a few slow songs, a few hard ones and sort of anthems is a very complete and competent album.

To Listen: Before I Die,Give Me Back My Life, Breathe You In,Leader of the Broken Hearts,Walking Dead,Won’t Let Up,As Far As I Remember

Nothing to Avoid 

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