Sunday, 11 November 2012

Take Me Home by One Direction

Rated:Mr. Personality 

If you are a grown up this album will be so boring. A bunch of catchy (or trying to be catchy) songs that last too much. Unless you are a die hard fan you won't notice the boredom of the album and that is too produced to be all catchy and that sounds like a one long song.

The good thing about the album is that the band sound more mature on the second half. One Direction are slowly becoming the next Beatles, (HA! they wish), actually are becoming like Back Street Boys in the Millennium and Blue era,could say  5ive but they were more complete. Some songs are very acceptable and instead of being so boring have some interesting bits when they get to different styles .

Basically the sound in every song are the same: a mellow acoustic guitar playing same note and lite electronic beats, the arrangements are the ones that create slightly different tracks. Voices are like pretending to be more faint and to sound less kiddish but are not blending very fine. The intention to do something different is there but probably producers managers and stuff wanted to go for the safe way.  

To Listen:Kiss You,Rock Me,Back for You
Avoid: Live While We're Young,Last First Kiss,Little Things,I Would

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