Sunday, 18 November 2012

Unapologetic by Rihanna

Rated: A Kind of Magic

A year since Rihanna released an album and the new one keeps her style but with some grateful new ideas. Songs are more deep and less pop from what we are used to from Rihanna and is in the predictable tracks where everything goes overrated and boring.

The album is not really amazing or outstanding is just another one but have some interesting beats specially when she is trying new things and duets, except the one with Eminem, which is foolish and not fun, and tried to be fun. The good sounds are the ones with less electronic and dubstep-y pieces and where it gets "dark". The album also have some rock guitars in a Christina Aguilera's Fighter style to make be more edgy and rocky. The dace stills there in songs like 'Nobodys Business' so it still Rihanna but a little more raw.

There's plenty of personal songs, which is obviously to sale but are kind of nice to give a rest to bublegum pop, electronic and Calvin Harris-ish pop which are also sounds sadly included. This new facet of Rihanna is great because is more easy to conect with her although is fake and probably she will release a new album in 6-8 months and this one could be the most forgetabble because of the lack of massive hits but could be the most "sincere" to date.

To Listen: Diamonds,  Love Song, Stay,
Avoid: Numb,Jump, Fresh Off The Runway

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