Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Evolution Of Man by Example

Rated: Enjoy the Silence 

Where to start! I knew is going to be bad but not THAT bad. Don't know if should be called a disappointment or chronicles of a death foretold. The messiest record of the year, the blend didn't work and result is catastrophic. Trying to recreate Katy Perry sound  but more edgy and with something that reminds of annoying dubstep is not impressive if ends like this. 

This new Example's record must be a bad joke because it isn't funny. Songs are so produced and faked, it sound like he's trying to score what Plan B did with 'Ill Manors' but something went wrong really wrong. Example tries so hard to sound tough but maybe the weak lyrics fail or is his pop voice or the fact he can't reach the heaviness the song requiers but it ends like a  Justin Bieber meets One Direction and even have the instrumental bridges to do choreographies.

The sound of the album can't even save it because the blend of guitar rock with electronic and hip hop didn't mixed well. A failed attept to do something like what Kasabian does ended like a bad awful hybrid of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit just listen to Close Enemies,a single by the way. The rock sound is very amateur like whe a bubblegum pop singer mix it to sound edgy and wild, sounds a lot like Miley Cyrus' Can Be Tamed but dull, and the torture never ends, songs are very very long.  

The album at least has a direction but Example get lost or do not follows it all the time. In songs like 'Blood From a Stone' and 'The Evolution Of Man' where he go back to his old sound, is good but that doesn't last long some horrible twists and when Example's voice is in the mood the music is not and vice versa. Nothing is in tuning or harmony everything is so pretentious and some tracks need to end before it gets to ugly but that didn't happened is all repetitive and too much of everything and songs are about the same always which in previous albums worked but for this one the tone should be other and needs more guts to be reliable and to be less like just a failed experiment.Also going mad with the guitar doest make you tough even if is with Graham Coxon neither does doing a mix that many musicians are doing great

just don't worth a listen. 

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