Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wildlife by The Lovely Eggs

Rated: Music is my Radar

The third album from the married lovely couple has nothing but fun. Nothing really new but very refreshing to what most 'indie' bands are doing nowadays. Although are 18 songs the album goes very fast because most of the songs (less than a minute) are sort of intros to others.

This album has a 1990's vibes mixed with energy of the 70's, some craziness and sounding like early 00's  all in the idea of a teenage sitcom. With a very vintage soul but still sounding modern the album reminds of the most indie bands from the early noughties , the sort of bands you can only found  on MySpace and in electronics gadgets  adverts on tv. Also has like familiar childish beats, in a good way, like is the Pink Panther Theme on 'I am' ?

The band stays true their sound lite punk, rampant pop and dance rocky beats. The rawness of the record and the multiple sounds is what makes the album so entertaining and refreshing. Most of the bands try so hard to polish everything and the essence get lost but The Lovely Eggs are not doing that and taking the wildness to the next level and really works well. Screams and psychedelia sounds prepares you through the album to an epic rocky end.The album goes all ways from melancholia and church music to some sorts of nursery rhymes.

Is a proper fun record and a breath to the dust of very commercial music. It's obviously album of the year but it is not disappointing especially for the fans and a open window to the "classic" independent  essence of doing things for fun and not money.

Highlights:The Castle,Lee Mellon's Teeth,Scooter's Got Itchy,I Just Want Someone to Fall in Love With,Allergies

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