Sunday, 11 November 2012

¡Dos! by Green Day

Rated: A Kind of Magic

More raw and "dirt" than '¡Uno!' the second album of the trilogy is more in the style of the last 2 albums of Green Day.A little further away from they beginnings but without losing the essence and tracks are short enjoyable, if they were 3 seconds or more longer it will be boring and the charm will be gone, so everything is once again in perfect state.

The mix is less worked and producer so this album has more punk attitude than '¡uno!'. Guitars and drums sound brilliant and in harmony but as a whole the blend sounds a bit like an American version of Arctic Monkeys, so sound a lot like Black Keys' El Camino. Is very American rock and roll from 50-70's including bits of rockabilly and surf rock but more inclined to pop-rock, and a bit more like The Killers, or at least Billie's voice is there a mix of Brandon Flowers and Alex Turner. Although the sound is more rock and roll-y and modern than 'Uno! ' , both have the same vibe to sound like their old works.

That there's nothing really remarkable is what make the album a little less interesting. 'Amy' is the only song that has a slightly different and interesting style. Also 'NightLife' is kind of different with a Mexican feeling but still not being really surprising. There's a lack of something edgy  and really wild like "wow this is why i love green day" but  everything is pleasant  and safe they need to spice up things maybe for 'Tre!' ?. And is Fuck time sampling 'song 2' by Blur??

To Listen: Nightlife, Ashley, Stray Heart, Makeout Party, Lazy Bones
Avoid:Fuck Time, Wow! That’s Loud  

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