Sunday, 17 February 2013

Push The Sky Away by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Rated: A Kind of Magic

A pretty collection of new tracks from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, all on the sime line as always but a little slow tempo and more kind of sexual feeling.

This new album is a follow-up of their career  it's mature, doesn't fall apart from what we are accustomed. Album starts a bit slow and heavy but after song 'Water’s Edge' you wake up fast from that intense sensation. Not boring at all because all the mixture of different but matching ideas that maintain a climax during all record,except 'Mermaids' which is a bit of a wrecking song, but the feeling is very strength through the album.   

The sound of the record is very funeral-ish,  that magnificently varies to psychedelic to  grunge or from a interesting futuristic version of Suede  to orchestral and punk bits even hip-hop pieces like in the song 'Finishing Jubilee Street'. A very overwhelming sound that easily traps you, it speeds up and slow down at right time. The album doesn't sound old and has its moments of very modern music. 

Mostly the album is very "dark" but flows amazingly and the last song is a proper culmination of all the concept created, it ends soft and powerful. Is like a very essential album if you like the band and not gonna be disappointed.  

Recommended: Water’s Edge,Jubilee Street, We Real Cool,Push The Sky Away
Maybe not: Mermaids

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