Sunday, 17 February 2013

You're Nothing by Iceage

Rated:(I can't get no) Satisfaction:

A little less overblown/produced than the first album this 2nd album is raw and smashing. Songs doesn't feel very mixed, the voice is in one place and music is far from there but as the album moves forward they start to blend and perhaps there is were the charm resides. 
you're nothing

The Sound is probably not the best these days but is really decent, if the intention was to make it sound rustic. It is really a hot mess but beats are incredible entertaining. Very Punk rock a là 1980's but up to date going more to the Rock And Roll side, maybe. Guitars and instruments sound class and almost always take over voice which is a bit weak compared to all other work but the percussion steals the show specially in more Pop-y songs like 'Awake' and ' Wounded Hearts'. But voice is really surprising in songs like 'Coalition' or were the gap between instruments and voice gets larger. 

The Album has a drunk aura that makes it more 'related-to' and a very nice powerful tenderness vibe which is at some point it get tedious,even thought it is fast and rock-y, it feels like it never gonna end. Compared to their fist album the quality is more poor here and the lack of something very attractive and intriguing makes a floppy album which just scores a "fine" piece.   

Recommended:  Coalition, Burning,  Morals, Wounded Hearts, It Might Hit First
Not So Much: In Haze, Ecstasy 

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