Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Messenger by Johnny Marr

Rated:(I can't get no) Satisfaction 

Johnny Marr first proper solo album is probably not what is expected cause sounds so young(a bit amateur) and stuck in an era which make it sound a bit old.

The Messenger is an album that has come so late to the 'spirit' it has,is very 2006-2008, sounds like Kaiser Chiefs mixed with The Sunshine Underground but not so attractive because comes 5 years later to an alternative scene that has progressed goodly. But on the hand we've got an album that is very, so to speak, 'immature' , with the knowledge of all the decades Johnny has been a musician you expect to a more mature job, and hats off for that amazing work of sound young and like new but perhaps too clueless but from the 2nd half things get better, with song 'Generate! Generate!' it finally spice up the dullness and to the last song, 'Word Starts Attack', which is a culmination and explosion of nice job, it gradually shows what was the attempt of the album and is great.  

After the first potential 5 seconds, of the first song, therefore the album, the sound falls steeply and start sounding like Beady Eye which is fine but not enough. The Record has all the instruments playing really good beats though, all in a very dancelike mood mod/new wave/rock style and every song sound like two songs in one, I don't know if thats good or should be edited cos is a bit confusing. Songs are too long and to slow,they are fun but at some point they turn boring because there's nothing wild or surprising.The electronic side does give it a 80's feeling but not makes classics or interesting. 

Maybe the high expectations are what make this album a bit weak and the fact that it is trapped in a recent past that doesn't let it shine duly. For being a Johnny Marr "The Legend"  It needed to be more vibrating, more astonishing, more entertaining just a little more, because if it wasn't 'The Smiths' Guitarist, 'The Amazing Collaborator'  the record would be just one more and no one would pay attention. 

Recommended:  I Want The Heartbeat, Generate! Generate!, Sun And Moon, The Crack Up,   Word Starts Attack

Not: European Me,The Right Thing Right

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