Sunday, 24 February 2013

180 by Palma Violets

Rated:A Kind of Magic

Palma Violets debut album is just amazing; it is congruently, vintage, fun, fresh, harmonious just like their fist single and first song in the album ' Best of Friends'. 

The band had been compared with The Libertines and The Vaccines but the little notes of psychedelic music gives them a highlight on their style. In my opinion they're more like the English version of the first Tame Impala album but less tidy and less hallucinating. Many people tag them, as well, as a hype band  that just made an album in a hurry and maybe thats the feeling because songs are very jam-ish and garage but that's their essence, I think, it is what gives them a vintage vibe that many bands lost in the pursuit of perfection. These could be so savage but is more sweet  and like-able that come from how things interlace and interact with each other. 

The sound is nothing new, nothing that others haven't try but is the direction it takes what makes absolutely lovable. It is like instruments and voice are on different lines but in the same race and one is trying to equal the other, so captivating. The variations and twists the album gets, not just as a whole but in each song, melancholic or beach relaxing beginnings to punk like plots and brit pop endings, all mixed so good that make it cohesive, The transitions that joint the sounds are the beats that resembles to New Order and The Who but in a 2000's style also has a very influent Pop-Rock/Beat Music sensation a lot like Dire Straits. The sound pass through many facets, that goes from something you want to sing out louder because is so anthemic to something you might want to hear alone because is overwhelming  like song  'Chicken Dippersn' or like  'Three Stars'.

The perfect balance between heavy and soft and multiple variations of the same genre make an album that is amusing because sounds simple, doesn't not has pretentious tones, feel natural and reminds of bands that had been memorable.    

Recommend:  Best of Friends,All the Garden Birds, Chicken Dippersn,Three Stars,14 , Johnny Bagga’ Donuts

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