Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Next Day by David Bowie

 Rated: Like a Virgin 

David Bowie come back album is finally here and the wait was worthy. Although the first single released  was good but gave the idea that the album was going to be melancholic and soft the whole album is very variated and is a complete retrospective to Bowie's career.

The album starts very sparkly and full of life and stays like that all way to the end, pass through many different stages that glimpses all David Bowie previous works and is done magically that feels modern and at the same time classic,very contemporary. It has melancholia,glam rock, psychedelic beats, pure rock and roll in Bowie's very style and even redefining it like in the song 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' that has amazing guitars and such the album has, everything is balanced , maybe just a few songs are overtime but is nothing really annoying. It's a record that feels very young in spirit and mature in how was made, the exactly amout of guitars, perfect balance between voice and instruments, flawless edition, etc.

Modern in sound but not hip or overworked to sound like what people of this time and era expect but more to be timeless and a follow up to all David Bowie's career and it is also  a classic, a very pleasant work. Incredible tracks like 'Dancing Out In Space' that has all the artistic side of Bowie and without being boring, just an incredible beat that makes you rejoice and fall in love with his music over again. All of the songs have very energetic tunes and vibrant sounds from marching drums in 'I'd Rather Be High' to more anthemic pieces like You 'Feel So Lonely You Could Die' the album contains many radiant variations.

The album gets ,even more, personal and mellow, specially at the end, in 'Heat', and has its dark bits as well is the full package and everything that and album should have, it's  so entertaining and delightful. With surprises at every minute this record manage to keep you very charmed and without losing David Bowie style and without sounding old.

Recommended: The Next Day,Where Are We Now?,Valentine's Day,I'd Rather Be High,Boss Of Me,Dancing Out In Space, (You Will) Set The World On Fire

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