Sunday, 24 March 2013

Delta Machine by Depeche Mode

 Rated:Music is my Radar 

Depeche Mode's 13th album is a good follow up to their career, it mixes the 1980's and more contemporaneous sides of the band very well, with bits of sinisterness and sex, All blended together to produce that amazing moments the  band has accustomed us to love and expect.

This album has everything that makes  all the great records sound modern but timeless.  Electronic, Blues, Country, Psychedelic, all in most not so obvious way and with the classic  Depeche Mode style.  Delta Machine has plenty to offer but unfortunately in a limited range. Many experimental different sounds and many classic vibes are compressed and blended to be an intriguing and anxious record but in very short times, although that sensual slow hip dance style of Depeche Mode is in every song so is nice how the band still evolving without changing or going bonkers about it.This  is probably the album that has more relativity with 1980's band's style but not setting aside the savageness and virility the band had earned in the last 20 years.

The only complain is that is probably too slow  and the lack of something harder, but in many songs this really works like in  'Soothe My Soul' ,which has plenty of Depeche Mode classics, so is mostly is very forgivable. Everything is sweet and softer like in the past album but a little more darker and edgy. The band sound fresh as always and in this record ther are very classic moments like 'Heaven', ' Soothe My Soul' and 'Secret To The End' that keeps the epic-ness from the band and that lot of vitality they still got.

A very brilliant continuity to an amazing trajectory with classical  and a full grown up sound , which is what you hope for Depeche Mode, and they give that step forward to still innovating and being modern with out losing their essence all in very nice harmony and has  many highs and lows,in sound, so is a very amusing ride and is a very complete album, full of sin, love, darkness, booms, wildness, interesting and all those things that describe the Depeche Mode.

Recommend:  Heaven,Secret To The End,Slow,Soft Touch / Raw Nerve, Should Be Higher,Soothe My Soul, Goodbye [except for that horrible twist at the end]

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