Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bloodsports By Suede

Rated:A Kind OF Magic 

After the  reunion in 2010 the highly awaited album is finally out. A little more than ten years since their last studio album attempt 'A New Morning', which was a floppy and a bit boring this album is the resurrection of Suedes glorious years but a lot more mature.

The exceptional band sound has been updated and brought to time in such a mint way. Although the sound is not very surprising because has plenty of  'Dog Man Star' the amusement comes from how perfectly and brilliant all those 1990's dark vibes are modernized and with out falling in a fad, sound naturally, every track has Suede essence.The album has a little bit of goosebumps in band's style of obscurity blended with guitars gleams (Always, Snowblind) and also that cheer up and that brave/defying attitude like in songs 'It Starts And Ends With You' and 'Hit Me' which are more drummy and captivating .

The album marks  it's own road by being so strong ,consistent and unique, from start to end the album is timeless and the band still experimenting and trying new things without thinking if it is going to be as good as the others, song 'What Are You Not Telling' that is a bit o a failure still has its brilliance but maybe more for someone more pop-y like Dido,but for Suede is a bit loose.

The band still got it and is easy to recognize  them in every piece, even if it's a experimention track like 'Sabotage' or a more mellow song like 'For The Strangers', the 90's Suede signature is everywhere. The lack of a very surprising moment or a boom! is compensated with classical euphoric Brett Anderson voice and intense tunes,all songs have controlled explosions and beautiful twist,tho, but the highest points probably are 'Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away' and  Faultlines which finally had that great blast and where everything blends magnificently. So is a very good and highly recommended comeback record that wrings out the best of Suede.

Recommended: Snowblind, For The Strangers,Hit Me,Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away, Faultlines

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