Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Terror by The Flaming Lips

Rated: Lucy in the Sky 

Less strong as rock and stronger in the experimental/psycho side of  the band; The Terror is heavy as band has always been but pulls down the laud garage style and the result is good but not as a band's classic or as an introductory album  to new followers. 

Overall the albums is, indeed, edgy and bold in which at some moments could be boring because you expect   to have a little more of the band and that thing that make it so unique and delightful.The essence of the band is there, don't get it wrong, but there's a lack of something that make them stand out from other great bands that are making good experimental rock. The album is really entertaining with many twists and surprises, all tracks have continuity and all have the same theme, the mix is perfect (except on  'Try To Explain' which music overcomes) so the album is really great and charming.

The album could get boring at some points but the band knew how to wake you up, like in “You Lust" and "Butterfly, How Long It Takes To Die" that  are long but have many variations and have that power that The Flaming Limps have accustomed us. The album get soft again at "Turning Violent" which is full of craziness as well, the album keeps a good style at anytime either is fast strong track or more trippy songs it is consistent and very acid trip-y, has the ability to transport you to a no mainstream (music) genre and does properly.
With no much to complain, aside the lack of  a stronger/defining sound of The Flaming Lips , the album is really nice that starts a bit weak and sometimes is a bit repetitive and sound so much electronic but it grows and have a great closer, 'Always There…In Our Hearts' , and that is just the culmination of many great songs compiled together. Would recommend  as a band essential/introduction and is not career  highlight. 

Recommend : Always There…In Our Hearts; Turning Violent;You Lust;Be Free, A Way

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