Sunday, 7 April 2013

Paramore [Self-titled] by Paramore

Rated:Mr. Personality

Well... not as attractive as you expect and too lame to be a self-titled album because the only thing that identify Paramore on the album is that: the title. It seems like the  band has been declining too much and are  so far from firsts two albums, feels like they had lost their essence and  are bit empty or like they are trying to imitate so hard, something is not right.

Paramore stream new single 'Now' and reveal album artworkThe record is not so bad, has its diversity, glimpses of punk  (Anklebiters) and even beats that could be inspired by late 70's early 80's  disco/funk (Ain't It Fun) and plenty of bubblegum pop that almost hit  One Direction style (Still Into You,Be Alone). The album, maybe, needs to be a bit heavy because 'Part II' [almost a copy of Evanescence]is as hard as the album  gets, and is not quite what the band has previously done nicely, there are moments where it somehow sounds like Paramore old tunes (Be Alone) but sounds forced. As a whole the album is very cheesy and faked [Please don't hate me] .

There's a huge lack of naturally and feeling because the songs that are more in the band's style are to repetitive, the band is trying too hard to repeat old  tracks. There's an absence of spontaneity and modernity, or to upgrade. Fortunately they achieved something with the last song,'Future', which is the most "experimental",fashionable and entertaining, the only song that is truly interesting with variations, power and personality.

So to sum-up is an album with little identity,and far too corny, needs more strong songs because starts like a Garbage wannabe,'Fast in My Car'  gives the idea that percussion gonna make a hard record,and probably it should had taken that, but then it all goes down  in 'Grow Up', which is not so bad, but sounds like is  a confusing kids song and from there the album gets weaker. The band should let loose and put their heart on it, the feeling is that it is other band playing to be Paramore attempting to sound like other bands. The interludes are quite something tho.

Recommended: Future
No So Much:Now,Daydreaming,Hate to See Your Heart Break,Fast in My Car

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