Sunday, 14 April 2013

Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Rated: Music is my Radar 

New YYY's album is a exactly what a 'follow-up' should be. Nothing in particular that is so new but doesn't sound old or repetitive.The band keep their essence and has grown up and did some amazing tracks that will entertain for long time.

Although there a tiny problems, like that Karen O's voice sometimes get lost (Slave, Sacrilege) because music is harder and louder than previous albums,the record is a success because there is the remembrance of Yeah Yeah Yeahs past records and with their always dark but rogue style and now is mixed with little doses of ska (Under the Earth),new-wave,electronic-pop and psycho (These Paths)  and all is without being too obvious nor forced, are just little details that embellish already good tracks.At some moments we can hear like sequels of Fever To Tell and Show your Bones in the less polished tracks like 'Area 52' and 'Buried Alive' and sometimes there are more stylized beats that could have been part of previous band's album It's Blitz like songs 'Despair' or ' Subway', but all this sounds have been reinvented to create an album with many new sounds that still sound a lot like the band.

There is a great vibe of the 80's, that has also been in every YYY's Album, but managed to be very contemporaneous and wilder. The album has its moments of craziness that might sound a bit controlled but could aspire to be complete bonkers as live tracks. The song that names the record 'Mosquito' has elements taken from new wave, that almost sound like Talking Heads but in a more party mode à la YYY's , in my opinion could been more explosive. All the power and energy variates during the album to make it entertaining and there are moments which you will want to get up and dance and in others you will feel overwhelmed,heavy, and haunted.

With their classic but updated style Yeah Yeah Yeahs scored another album that will keep  surprising whenever is played. Perhaps it is not a big highlight but is a great addition to all the nice work the band has done and the last song of the album , 'Wedding Song', is a good fusion of all what the band was, is and hopefully will be. Experimentation has made the album and the band be interesting and fresh,not a doing the same over again but not going out of their line, their essence, always edgy, mysterious and fun.

Recommend: Despair,Wedding Song, Sacrilege,Under the Earth, These Paths,Area 52

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