Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bankrupt! by Phoenix

Rated:Lucy in the Sky  

Bankrupt! is a new typical album from Phoenix but with many stronger sounds and transporting music.

It is , and will be, hard to determinate from what decade  this great album comes from and is inspired  because sound so timeless,it is  from 2010's,I know,but doesn't boast it . It is, obliviously, carrying a 00's vibe (S.O.S. in Bel Air) but goes beyond to capture the modern wave but with vintage bits(Entertainment), so it is very interesting,somehow trippy, balmy  and entertaining. With beats that can have a disco/jazzy sensation and that resemble too much to Jamiroquai (Trying to Be Cool) the record have a lot of diversity to offer,it also have rock and roll (Don't) ,a little dose of "Neo Soul"  in 'Chloroform', and the greatest surprise is the scifi style that puts all together, that comes out specially in songs like 'Bankrupt !' which is a track that has a sound like from a futuristic flute and beautiful notes that are also spread in every song of the album.

Even tough there are many joyful sounds there is a strong presence of Pheonix's essence that is trying and playing with new beats that are powerful, encouraging and sweet. There is plenty of fun in the album from the beginning to the very end ,'Oblique City' , which is a song that is a gentle reminder of band's style [in case you didn't heard in previous 9 songs] , the album goes alternating fast tracks (Drakkar Noir) with modernity (The Real Thing) and more tranquil but edgy songs (Bourgeois).

In conclusion Bankrupt! is a very complete album in their very own band style that will make you have fun and have the ability to transport you to an enigmatic magical place. The right amount of synths and everything is so well placed, that in my opinion is the most solid album of the band and is eclectic but yet with band's unique sound.

Recommended: The Real Thing,Bankrupt!,Chloroform,Bourgeois,Trying to Be Cool

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