Sunday, 14 April 2013

Save Rock And Roll by Fall Out Boy

Rated:We're Not Gonna Take it 

Like a time machine this album take us back to circa 2004-2007 where this band has its heyday.It is good in the way that they can still do the same they did almost 10 years ago but in many ways more it is boring.

The album stars sampling Peter Fox's 'Alles Neu', which is already a song that samples [but does in the way that Plan B did it in iLL Manors] the song  'The Phoenix' is a nice introduction to the album and a proper presentation of what the album has to offer. The album has plenty of Pop mixed with some Punk-y vibe which actually makes the album sound a lot like Miley Cyrus beginnings or Avril Lavingne. The sound of the album also resembles the cover they did of Michael Jackson's 'Beat it' , by the way the album is too much influence of MJ (listen: The Mighty Fall). Another sound that they are "borrowing" is from the band FUN.  the style is in almost every song ( Young Volcanoes, Alone Together,Save Rock and Roll), so all these sounds make the album sound to be for the youth, with many attempts to create anthems but doesn't sound modern or reach the goal, it is just pretentious.

This record is trapped in 2007 and songs seems to be for that generation of teenagers, has moments where sounds a hard attempt to make it a sing-along tunes (Where Did The Party Go,My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark). Fall Out Boy are trying to repeat old tracks and instead of keeping the fans they put in hiatus for a while they're trying to capture the same generation they did in mid 00's but unfortunately that generation has grown up and the band haven't even they're trying to add modernity and electronic beats to the songs they sound old and repetitive.

The idea of the album is alright but it didn't achieved its goal,among the other issues, at some points voice is very weak and instruments playing out of time, is too much of the same over and over the only interesting bit is the duet with Cortney Love, even though it is amateur and off-key, but that is what it lacks in the album more playful and experimentation tracks, band took the easy ride and failed to be innovative because they are just doing exactly the same album that they could have done years ago.

Recommend: Just One Yesterday
No So: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark,Miss Missing You, Save Rock and Roll,Where Did The Party Go

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