Sunday, 7 April 2013

Overgrown by James Blake

Rated: Music is my Radar 

The second album from this young man is much mature that it could appear. Edgier and more aggressive than its predecessor this album has everything that a good record needs, although it has certain monotony,it managed to entertain and be epic, is someone who is playing and having fun.

Old fashioned R&B mixed with kind of futuristic electronic (Life Round Here) makes a modern and not cliche electro-pop/clubbing album. Little bits of experimental electronic  are fussionated with other rhythms to make powerful chilling songs, 'Overgrown' is a great introduction to what is coming,tranquil and overwhelming songs but still full of energy and a cozy sensation. Voice and music have a great balance, no one shades the other, both are really strong and have a mysterious feeling.

Every song is so attached to the other and could it been boring if it wasn't for the twists all over the album, that probably are not so wild but are edgy and very well placed. Every song has a twist, a soul-ish piano (To the Last) , vintage vibes(Dim), synths(Our Love Comes Back) and many variations that are on the same line but is not boring because this arousal,not so random, tiny beats and very the intrigue . 'Voyeur' Is the most daring song and have glimpses of samba and spice up the record a little more and alongside with 'Digital Lion' divides the album, so the album can have it moments of darkness,fun, experimentation and even bits of ,sort of, sexual clubbing behavior and all in little doses.

A very complete and loose/relaxed album from a man that is young but very wise to blend many things without failing and that is trying new things without losing his essence. Overgrown is what a second album should be a perfect balance of what made first record succeed mixed with new sounds that if very fresh and timeless at the same time.

Recommend: Overgrown, Life Round Here,Voyeur,To the Last

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