Monday, 25 March 2013

Wild And Free by A Rocket To the Moon

Rated:Mr. Personality [but somehow charming]

(Diabetes). Too sweet and so much cheesier, this album is too much for an album in a 'pretentious' way, not sure if that's the word but fits anyway. Is not actually a mess or really really bad but  at some point it exceeds the cuteness limit and starts to bore.

As a boy band that their golden years have gone and is trying to recover their fans,not that they're, this album is full of corny songs and catchy melodies that probably will enchant a bunch of girls but will not be a remarkable work. The record has moments that remain a soft version of old Train mixed with gentle Simple Plan tracks but is stuck in 2004-2008  era, it is a throwback to a band that has done a nice debut album and defined their own style but in this album seems a bit lost. It is a boring attempt to be fashion and more commercial and when finally wakes up from that sugary dulnness is lame.

The sounds are really well played, very mellow and calm instruments achieve gentle melodies which is the most remarkable from all, even reach some great bands master works. If  Bon Jovi decided to do a very mellow album this is how it would sound.  'Another Set Of Wings' has a bit of more risky sound, in soft beats,but where the band finally reach the sound of previous works, like in  'Somebody Out There', is were they failed mostly because sounds even weird because theres something that don't let them show properly, like the hollow of tenderness that surrenders the album. And The same happens with the 'edgier' tracks ( Nothing At All,Wild & Free) had a Hanson vibe but even more caramelized pop-rock. 'Wherever You Go' is probably the sound the band should had done in every song with twists to not making this over-bored album.

The lack of something really attractive or a surprising thing makes this album really dull because is the same thing over and over, the band sound constantly like is searching for that something that makes them hit the charts strongly  but easily they get lost, because it sounds forced and is not that great. At least is not annoying nor clueless, the aim is to satisfy rock-y girls that want to listen something less wild, which the album is, not as entertaining as previous album, and very commercial if it was 2007 and chick flick-ish, typical beachy California .

Recommended: First Kiss, If I'm Gonna Fall In Love
No So Much: Ever Enough, I Do,Wild & Free

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