Sunday, 8 December 2013

Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes

Rated:Lucy in the Sky

This is a great album to escape from reality that is not astonishing but is entertaining and alternative to what we listen or is more popular from this producers, which in lays the mayor attention. This kind of albums are (almost) always magical probably because in appearance they don't sound complicated so is not surprising but for the target market (introduces westerns to musicians they may not otherwise have listened to) it has something that will make it special. The fun, the melancholic chords,the eclecticism of sound and the endeavour putted on the album make it very special.

The producers style doesn't mix really well, is too 'pronounced' and very easy to recognize who did what, which is kind of good-sometimes-, but the direction the album has is what puts all together and makes it work. The songs are very elaborated but sound simple and transmit feelings even you don't understand what it's saying you sort of connect with every song which is always great. There are many variations, highs and lows in the record all with a chill out vibe that will make you embark in an delightful musical adventure that is enjoyable from start to end. No matter what genre the songs highlight the most, hip  hop, R&B, soul etc. because all leads to the same end with a pop twist. Notes and effortless voices  blend into beautiful tracks that if you had heard previous works from this people you will hear that is not far from what they do but is not a repetition is more something like an collective evolution. Hopefully it will persuade people to have more choices and a bigger ear to "new" stuff.

Recommended: Songhoy Blues, Bijou, Gambari

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