Sunday, 1 December 2013

Britney Jean by Britney Spears

Rated:(I can't get no) Satisfaction

Britney Spears promised that 'Britney Jean' was going to be her most personal album but is not as deep and thoughtful as you can imagine ,if that. There are a few songs that can be personal but not as touching as her previous works like 'Every time' or 'Someday',  'Britney' (album) is more personal in some way but probably what Britney meant on this album is that it will have more or her essence and not just songs that were written and then made it fit to a moment in her life, because 'Blackout' could also be on the same Britney's Personal Records line. So mostly the album is a follow up to 2011's 'Femme Fatale' but with a little more connection to the person and not the image Britney Spears is.

The music is nice but it gets boring as it is not new and very similar to last over-electronic Britney works. As -of Black Eyed Peas- is the executive producer the(my) expectations were not really high but at least it could have been so much better, and not just another pop album and there are like another million producers on the record not making enough for Brit. On the bright side the album is a mix of modern pop and electronic with tiny pieces of  Britney's first album so is and interesting combination, with sometimes eclectic sounds, that fans will like. Another good thing is that her voice sound more real creates closer bond to her and with little elements of Folktronica it brings her style up to date, unfortunately there are a few songs that didn't got the memo and sound like Ke$ha back in 2008. The "power ballads" are also confusing  as they don't know what to be: a dance track or a shivering song but after all the album is good not the album of the year not her best album but with a little December luck it will be the album of the month.

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