Sunday, 1 December 2013


Rated: Music is my Radar 

The debut solo album of  'bEEdEEgEE' (AKA Brian DeGraw from Gang Gang Dance) is a party to your mind. Modern disco sounds with great pieces of hip hop make this album be so enjoyable because although is not something new it has a little something that can make this album stands out from this year similar music. Electrodance ,with variations, is what is most distinguish about sound and very explosive moments.

The album is not far from Gang Gang Dance style, which is good but not brilliant, probably the only difference is somehow more relaxed and less energizer/'aggressive' but it still being powerful and experimental. There are so many different sounds mixed really good ,flowing gorgeously, that will keep you entertained and interested. The hyper and the calm moments mixed with plenty nature-like sounds remind a little to the early 2000's music a mix of electronic and trance with bits of world music and very dance-able but it has tiny bits of new rave that means have loads of fun. Also the record is modern and friendly, recalls to video games music, a great combination of tunes to young people and a new old-way to re-explore.

Recommended:  Like Rain Man, Empty Vases,  Flowers

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