Sunday, 8 December 2013

Black Panties by R. Kelly

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction

Musically this album is delightful, is everything you expect from R. Kelly, there are many details, multiple layers and all work fine together but is on the lyric side where all gets a bit disconcerting because is too clich√© and pointless dirty talk. It has a sexual theme, fine, but why do it so amateur,like seeking for attention and we know R Kelly could do it so much better, it sound like these new wave of singers that want to have a 'catchy' hit with say load of boring/mindless words. Also, at  some point it gets boring and there are far too much songs and  could sound very similar but a few surprises will save the album and revive a style that has been slagged. Feels like the album didn't got all the attention require to make it unique, amazing or modern.

Thankfully the album has a magnificent old school vibe and flows brilliantly, although there are some moments where it sounds more like is another artist featuring R. Kelly the record stands out for the enjoyable melodies .Is nothing new, in fact,it does sound old (like from 10 years ago) but who cares if it is this good. An ideal harmony in soft/pop and aggressive/urban sounds, is the sound to which we are used but a little improved and more elegant but not arrogant, is almost perfect. In conclusion it is a very elaborated album that sounds wonderful and in unique R Kelly style but  maybe another direction and more edition it would have been better. I blamed on Lady Gaga and wanting to be so pop.

Recommended: Cookie, . All the Way,  Spend That ,  Shut Up

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