Sunday, 7 October 2012

Halcyon by Ellie Goulding

Rated: Mr. Personality 

Drowned in chart pop and blind by love makes new Ellie Goulding's album dull and quiet annoying. When you haven't define your style properly is weird and edgy to do a second album with too modern things and different from debut and you can only flop or succeed and be the new wonder, and unfortunately Ellie failed or at least in the the first 3/4 of the album. 

The album starts 'Don't Say A Word' which is a bit hip hop à la Nicki Minaj and sadly the beat repeats on  many songs with some variations like more African in 'Figure 8'. The way the album is made to be just up-to-date is not what you expect and the form she made dub the mainly sound of the album, aside her voice , is weak , although sometimes is acceptable like in 'Only You', just because is in a 90's style. Is an album that could be on top for a while because is what people want to hear but is something that everyone will forget because is one more to the bunch.

Another and the worst problem is that songs are too long and boredom just grows and grows. It just seems like the album gives you more of the same in every song, we know Ellie have a peculiar voice but why exploit like that is almost torturing. Is tedious to hear sirens screams alike constantly , is pretty much like hearing a live concert of Lady Gaga which is fine because I don't have to go. Luckily the album ends well Ellie relaxes her voice and the sound is more like her debut album and the massive consumption (not even pop) sound is left behind . 

With many Disney-ish intros and hip sounds this album is insipid. Just a little less length in songs would made a descent job and if Ellie Goulding were a little more humble in some songs and instead of showing off her voice she had added something spicy to plainness. 'Hanging On' is quiet good but she added too much in a moment and is mostly how the record rolls. Hope she gets over this album soon and do an acoustic one. Not enough songs to save the album.  

To Listen:Atlantis,Dead in the Water,Joy
Avoid: Anything Could Happen, Don't Say A Word, Halcyo, Explosions

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