Sunday, 21 October 2012

House of Gold & Bones (Part I) by Stone Sour

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction

First part from a two part album inspired by Pink Floyd and Alice In Chains and conceived in grunge, sounds like could be a little mess but it is not but unfortunately is boring.

The album has its charm, is meticulously well made and very very American rock. Everything is in the right place at the right place and that is well mixed with wildness. The album is obviously a Slipknot melodic down with melancholia, as the last part 4 songs show, but there's a lack of spark something that stands out and almost feels Nickelback-ish.

It almost feels like is meant to be a joke. The songs are good but sort of floppy or maybe just fall into the cliche and gets very rock pop, nothing unexpected just what you can hear in any other average american radio-hard-rock album. Also the tracks are kind of cut off before they ended it hears weird.

On the bright side the album passes through different stages, the songs experiment variations of rock in a very good form. The record also ends in a magnificent mild heaviness blend which could lend to a brilliant second part ,hoping so, and also the album has connection to previous works plus a progress from the band. To be the 4th album is not that bad but is dull and forgettable, there's no  a 'wow fact' could hear it over and over and never notice it,just like coffee shop music. Good sound, good voices, doesn't go away from band's style but not very interesting but better made than many others out there .

To Listen: Last Of The Real , Taciturn ,RU486
Avoid: nothing really, give it A play to every song

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